The People Served

The following groups of people are currently being served and/or targeted for assessment of needs:

Pre-school age children and families

Through a bilingual pre-school program, deaf and hard of hearing children receive early introduction to sign language, as well as to speech training.

Deaf children in local schools receive sign language training by qualified Deaf teachers.

School-aged deaf children who have never been to school are given the opportunity to learn.

Parents of deaf children are provided with resources on deafness, sign language, speech, child development, hearing aids, education options and more.

Post-school age adults

Sign language training: For deaf people who have had limited or no access to sign language, resources will be provided for sign language instruction in the form of private tutoring and group classes.

Local orphans

When a deaf orphan is identified, HFV will seek to ensure that the child has access to the most beneficial education and resources available to his/her situation.


Resources are made available for sign language instruction and local teacher in-service opportunities.

Hearing people who wish to communicate with deaf people

Sign language training is offered for hearing people who wish to communicate with their deaf family member, neighbor, or friend. This also includes hearing employers who wish to hire deaf employees.